Nancy Pounds

Nancy Pounds

Tulsa, OK, US


Housing for 2000+

There are two main goals that I focused on to help develop the site plan:  using the local neighborhood to inform the building and street layout of the complex much like the local Mietkaserne typology; and creating several levels and spaces that allow for the residents to interact with each other.

In contrast to the surrounding courtyard typology, the entrances to each of the apartment blocks are located in the interior. This allows a greater connection to the courtyards, encouraging the residents use these space more often – the courtyards will feature several different types of landscape and activities. In each courtyard, there will be four entrances to the apartment blocks that surround the space.   All this is accessed through gaps in the building informed by the system of paths that connect the buildings to each other and the surrounding landscape. These “rifts” also provide a glimpse into the courtyards from the exterior of the building, creating the idea of a network of “secret gardens”.

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin, DE
My Role: Individual