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Creativity is always a priority when designing a space. As an architect, we must bring a creative approach to solving simple and complex design needs for our clients. An architect’s creativity is what differentiates us from other disciplines.


If we want to have opportunities to create different spaces, we must always be mindful of our environment. Sustainability is a key aspect in all my designs. To keep a project sustainable, I always consider orientation, cross ventilation, water management, waste management, and material choices. We must think of our planet earth to continue to thrive in it.


Budget is a key aspect in all designs. Many architects do not give importance to small budget projects, but I believe the budget is always a great challenge that can make us think outside the box. The budget can make a project grandiose or a disgrace. One of the first items I like to discuss with my clients is a budget range so that I am always in sync with my client’s possibilities.


Good management is also one of my key traits. I have had many experiences that have shaped me into being a magnificent project manager. From the outset, I establish a well organized and planned project because I believe that if you start off on the right track you will continue that way.


What I love most about this profession are the different responsibilities and tasks an Architect engages in. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of superiors, clients, and projects.

I had the opportunity to receive my education from two top-ranked   schools learning different techniques and backgrounds. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology. There I learned how to problem-solve and understand the technical aspects of architecture. Later, I obtained my master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Southern California. USC stimulated my creative and sensible traits as an architect, giving me innumerable tools to thrive as a professional architect.

I have had the opportunity of experiencing architecture from all angles. I have worked on the management side, design side, new construction, remodels, project development, and permit processes.

After jumping into the market on my own, I have designed and built office buildings, single-family homes, factory extensions, and apartment remodels. Currently, I have been working on what has been my dream for many years which is designing and developing a residential building for sale in my hometown of Cartagena, Colombia.

Having had such a wide range of experiences I conclude that what I most like about architecture is the entire process of planning, imagining, designing, and building   what I once dreamed of.

Being an Architect is not only designing a space that works, being an Architect means being involved with infinite details in the process and making someone’s dream a reality. We, Architects, are dream enablers for our clients.

I believe I am the right match for this job. I am looking to have an ongoing relationship with a firm on a need basis. Your job description is of interest to me since I like the many options and responsibilities you are describing. I am very driven and efficient in my work. 



Martha Schott Freelance Architect, Cartagena, Colombia, Design Architect, Project Coordinator, Project Management.

Started an independent design firm in Cartagena, Colombia. From the date I started working as an independent architect I have designed multiple single family houses, each of around 250 square meters, currently two under construction. A three story office area for an insurance company in Barranquilla, Colombia (1,100 square meter). Designed and oversaw the construction of a two-story Commercial complex in Cartagena, Colombia which completed construction on December 2016 (1,600 square meters). Also I am constantly working in apartment remodels, in the year 2016 I had six remodels done, I work on the design and execution, leading a team of 20 construction workers. I have processed and signed all the construction permits for the projects listed above.
Currently developong a 15 story residential project that is projected to start construction on January 2021.

Jul 2015 - current


In this project I have had many roles that go from, visiting the local governmental agencies, to re-designing apartment complexes to better fit the Colombian commercial pull, to overseeing the design for a 400 bed hospital being designed by Safdie and to creating and coordinating Concept, Schematic, Construction Development and Construction Documents for an in house project of an office building (15,000 square meters).
I coordinated the architectural and engineering designs of a 3,000 square meter sales center designed by Moshe Safdie. I am currently coordinating the architectural and engineering designs for a 15,000 square meter office building being design by local firms. I am also creating the 3D model in Revit architecture of such design.

Jul 2012 - current


Directed three projects in Cartagena. Two Multi-family residential and one office building. Participated in the initial design of a 25 story office building helping the design architect organize the project on the lot. Made sure designs worked accordingly with local norms, reviewed the designs and processed construction permits in the city. Reviewed construction site periodically making sure construction was going as planned.

Jun 2014 - Jul 2015


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, MArch, Architecture

Aug 2010 - May 2012

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta, GA, US, Bachelors, Bachelor of Science and Architecture

Aug 2006 - May 2012

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