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Stephen Moser Architect

New York


Landsberg House

Mid-century modern architecture is updated for a contemporary Japanese lifestyle in this restoration and renovation of the historic, William Landsberg home in Port Washington, Long Island. The 1951 house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The new owners and architect entered the design process with deep respect and admiration for the house's Bauhaus style and hillside setting, while also wanting to make it comfortable for a young family used to living in a Japanese home. The "floating" rectangular-box structure and simple lines of the house were aesthetically suited to the clients' design sensibilities and wish list, which included a teppanyaki-cooking island in a kitchen that opened to the living room; a narrow engawa-like deck along the back of the house; a master bathroom with a deep ofuro-type soaking tub; a tatami guest room; and a patio big enough to play ping pong. It was also important to make technological upgrades so the house could function sustainably in the 21st century, and, on a smaller scale, to fix those parts of the house that were worn out or not working.

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Status: Built
Location: Port Washington, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect (2016 renovation & restoration).
Additional Credits: William Landsberg, Architect (1951)