Milica Milisic

Milica Milisic

Miami, FL, US


Marc Lambert Jewelry Store

The Marc Lambert Jewelry Store is a conceptual design for a boutique inspired from the origin of diamonds; from the caves and massive stone to the refining process to transform rough, raw diamonds into flawless, sparkling, colorless perfection.

The high end diamond boutique will incorporate all the elements of desirable diamonds and demonstrate the sharp and angled stone cut to perfect facets of flawless beauty. The shop is constructed of highly reflective surfaces with sharp angles, and remains colorless just as diamonds sparkle the most with no color, precise cut and clarity. All the walls are sharply angled sculptural edges while diamond displays are contrasting in form with glass and mirrored right angled units for maximal contrast and to give the client an ultimate shopping experience.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US