Milica Milisic

Milica Milisic

Miami, FL, US


Sephora Pop-Up Shop

The Sephora pop-up store design caters to the demographic of female adults, between the ages of twenty-five to forty years old. The concept of the Sephora pop-up shop is to maintain the sleek style of Sephora yet  transform the temporary shop to an cutting-edge environmentally responsible retail location. Green design must not always look green. This store will introduce a sleek, and innovative design which is the essence of Sephora, yet aesthetically unique to any other location.

The shell of the store will be constructed entirely from 100% recycled make-up boxes intricately cut and designed to construct a structural shell in the shape of an O laid horizontally.The pop-up design is suitable for a temporary location due to the material selection of cardboard which will be pre-constructed and designed off-site, then transported and reassembled incorporating lighting and LED screen elements. Once the store is ready to be taken down, the cardboard can be reused at another location or recycled, along with all the technological elements. The design is easily constructed and can be  replicated for other pop-up locations worldwide.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York