Mike McKay

Mike McKay

Lexington, KY, US



Singularities confronts the existing space of the Museum by producing simultaneous perceptions of spatial form. The architectural form created from two specific vantage points engages the space of the museum and changes characteristics (form, light, color) as one moves in and around the work. Through camouflaging techniques, perspectival illusions and color mapping, the space is constantly in a state of flux initiated by the visitors path and gaze.

Architectural illusion and perspectival deceptions have been investigated since antiquity in order to alter the perception of a given space, primarily in an illusionary or optical manner. My intention has been to investigate how these ideas can be directed toward the creation of physical space and form. Specifically, Anamorphic projection techniques in architecture offer the potential to create dynamic spatial experiences that both define architectural form and challenge one’s perception of it. By doing so, new formal possibilities arise while at the same time new programmatic opportunities emerge due to the unexpected juxtaposition and overlap of space that methods of projection inspire. The implication of anamorphic projection, therefore, is one that ultimately offers a new avenue into thinking about the possible social relationships that new approaches to form-making might offer.

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Status: Built
Location: Lexington, KY, US
My Role: Artist