Marie Michele Montano

Marie Michele Montano

Los Angeles, CA, US


Temecula Art and Botanic Garden

The Temecula Garden Club requested a design for a botanic garden on a land that they recently acquired. The focus of the design is on the regional flora and fauna, while showcasing local artists, and providing income opportunity for the botanic garden. The site was divided into two zones, passive and active. The southern half focused on providing educational opportunities, community gardens, and locations for a farmers market and special events. The northern half of the site focused on showcasing different eco-zones found throughout Southern California, giving the garden club opportunities to highlight botanic collections and opportunities to educate the public on the native flora, fauna, and eco-zones.

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Status: School Project
Location: Temecula, CA.
My Role: Team member
Additional Credits: Team members include: Michele Montano & Yoo-Jung Yang