Marie Michele Montano

Marie Michele Montano

Los Angeles, CA, US


Cornfield Arroyo Seco Greenway Network

Focus on cultural/historical connectivity, pedestrian and alternative transportation, sustainable planning and design, and by enlarging the green network we hope to create a revitalized community, with an emphasis on connectivity, sustainability and accessibility.
 Improve flood control through storm water capture & infiltration
 Improve water quality through remediative plantings and Bio-swales
 Restoration of riparian and wildlife habitat corridors through the return of natural systems
 Erosion control through the use of natural systems
 Improve Pedestrian Connectivity
 Create a new green network of open space for the community
 Minimize heat island effect through the use of plants and the inclusion of green walls and roofs
 Use recycled and sustainable materials
 Provide for Historical way finding

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA.
My Role: CAS team member
Additional Credits: CAS team members: Katya Khankaleva, Michele Montano, Laura Razo