Michela Barone Lumaga

Michela Barone Lumaga

New York, NY, US


Rio de Janeiro Collection

Furniture design in Brazil until 1945 shared two styles: rationalist, after the Bauhaus school and Le Corbusier, and organicist, mimicking North American esthetics. After 1950, Brazilians searched for their own national style. Some of these designers including Tenreiro, Lina Bo Bardi, and Azeredo inspired this work. I started a collaboration with Jose Marconi, a local woodworker, to develop instructional prototypes for my design workshop in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Every object was fabricated using Brazilian wood and vintage pieces. The prototypes reinterpret the visual vocabulary of the organic richness present in Rio de Janeiro, a city immersed in a tropical rain forest, and stems from the Eclectic and Art Deco ornaments that decorate many of Rio’s buildings. The structural components of the furniture, reconfigured in asymmetrical shapes, are taken from the extensive antique collection of the wondrous warehouse of Mr. Marconi.

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Status: Built
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BR
My Role: Product Designer