Matthew Wessler

Matthew Wessler

New York, NY, US



I received my bachelors in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture in the spring of 2011 from The University of Colorado, Boulder.  Architecture has been my passion and career goal for a long time.


As you will note, I have actually spent the past couple years in a very different field, but one that I hope will illuminate my potential as a team member at your firm.  While I planned to immediately go into architecture after college, an incredible opportunity arose that I could not pass up.  I have been privileged to spend the last two years at the local CW and FOX station in Colorado Springs where I was the on-air talent dubbed The SOCOCW Star. In this role I was able to create concepts to market the station to a younger demographic and our ever-changing military climate. Over the past two years I was able to assist with a brand change from the CW57 to SOCOCW.  The evolution of the station included a new website, twitter, instagram and Facebook page. The change was promoted on social media, television, radio, and print where I was not only the face and voice of the network but I was also the writer and producer of many of the promotions.  I am proud to write that during my time at CW I brought the station from number 89 to number one in America in non-metered markets. This is a direct result of the many on-air promotions, community events that I have hosted, as well as social media.


My myriad accomplishments at SOCOCW illustrate a passion and dedication both as a leader and team player.  It allowed me to work in an environment of collegiality and rigorous dedication to projects.  Being an an-air talent and scriptwriter gave me the time to hone my already strong interpersonal and writing skills.  Bolstered with my degree in architecture, I had a vast knowledge of design programs that allowed me to flourish with the creation of unique graphics for television shows and community events that I created for Facebook and our own website.


As is often the case in life, taking an alternate path can allow for a strengthening and solidifying of already considered passions.  This is the case with me.  With all of the tremendous skills that I have learned in the past couple of years, I think I am a uniquely qualified person for your firm.  My architectural background is strong and is richer for my experience in television.  Though I think you will see that from my attached resume, I hope that you will have the chance to personally see that I am a gregarious person who strives to learn and master new ideas and techniques. 


Best Buy Co., New York, NY, US, Sales Lead

• Store Manager – Financial decision making, long-term goals, accounting, scheduling
• Sales Lead – Training, customer service specialist, head of sales

Jul 2006 - current

FOX21/SOCO CW, Colorado Springs, CO, US, SOCO CW Star

• Television Personality – Public face of the local CW Television Network. Duties include: live shots, “look-lives”, promotions, nightly lineups, hosting
• Correspondent- Hot to Watch Friday morning on FOX21 Morning News
• Segment Writer/Producer – Hot to Watch, commercial shoots, line-ups, and promotions
• Web Designer – Manage web banners, advertising and content for, the web component of the CW Television Network

Dec 2011 - Mar 2014

Wessler Farms, Springfield, CO, US, Farm Hand

• General farm duties – tilling, herding and feeding livestock, harvesting

Jan 1998 - Jan 2010

Abercrombie & Fitch, Broomfield, CO, US, Model

• Costumer service specialist, greeter, cashier, model

Oct 2008 - May 2009

Cobblestone Grill, Springfield, CO, US, Server

• General Duties - server, host, dishwasher, cook

Mar 2000 - May 2005


University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, US, Bachelors, Environmental Design with an Emphasis in Architecture

Oct 2007 - May 2011

Areas of Specialization