Maya Itenberg

Maya Itenberg

Fair Lawn, NJ, US


Urban Water Farm

Due to the global fresh water crisis and the impeding threat of privatization of Newark's municipal water distributor, increasing scarcity of fresh affordable water is becoming a real threat for the city's residents.

This proposal attempts to alleviate Newark's drinking water crisis by covering an abandoned site in the city's industrial Iron Bound District as well as a abandoned railroad track adjacent to the site with a sprawling roof that optimizes rainwater collection on the site.


The roof will extend to the maxium limits of the sites bounderies and will have sloped wells that help funnel the water into cisterns located underneath the roof canpoy. Vistors to the treatment plan will be able to walk amoungst the cisterns and observe the rainwater collection and treatment process. The rainwater collected will be treated for bottled water as well as used to grow local hydroponic vegetables on the site. This proposal not only attempts to solve Newark's fresh water shortage but to also be a symbol for how much fresh water goes uncaptured in our cities and begin to serve as a model for water collection in densely populated urban areas.

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Status: Built
Location: Newark, NJ, US