Maya Itenberg

Maya Itenberg

Fair Lawn, NJ, US


Mixed-Use Housing

The form of the building is developed on the concept of uncertainty of an urban landscape, which manifests in the multiplicity and variability of the built environment. When people walk through a city they want to engage with public life on different levels some voyeuristicly , some intimately, and others very extrovertedly. People enjoy exploring and making a space their own.

The final proposal includes a set of three parallel residential towers that at their highest reach 5-stories, a ramping systems that invites the pedestrian up from the sidewalk and eventually onto the rooftops of the housing buildings, as well as apartment modules that are designed to optimize variability of potential tenants. Each element of the proposal from the site strategy to the facade finishes strives to embrace the theme of uncertainty and therefore create versatility in the design solution.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US