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Sagaponack, NY


Net Zero

This waterfront site’s challenge: LEED Platinum status, under market cost building cost, and small site with wetland issues, with the target of creating a dynamic sculptural Architectural design on a tight schedule (completed from inception within 15 months).  

The macro design was driven by the restraints of the steel modular shell, cost considerations and site restrictions. The solution a “T” design of modular steel rectangles overlapping, with a cantilever allowing for the creating of a protected underside patio area. Public living is contained largely within one large open space with a dynamic stair connection to the open second floor studio area.  

The palette delineates the forms, cedar, stucco, white oak. Steel and glass contrast and define the volumetric plinths from each other in a minimal way and allow its inhabitants a spacious but pure space. Where possible materials were used in their raw form and then crafted on site in a self-performed manor to cut market rates such as the steel and concrete stair, the foundation and the millwork. BIM Cad technology generated the house to be designed and built in a fast track allowing the building in the field to occur in real time.  

Technically the house meets active and passive solar design creating a net zero effect on the environment. 

Awarded LEED platinum status this project will be used as a USGBC case study house meeting above current environmental and efficiency standards. Geothermal and heat pumps along with insulated high r value blown in cellulose insulation and thermally insulated glass combine with a kit of parts methodology maximizing the optimum coefficient efficiency of lengths of materials in steel and strand wood pre-ordered and assembled created a reduction of the material redundancies and very little waste. The result is a very efficient, budget oriented, high performing Architectural design.

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Status: Built
Location: East Hampton, NY