Beirut, LB


E&J Penthouse

Located on the outskirts of Beirut, on a hill overlooking the city, this atypical apartment for a young married couple occupies the last 2 floors of a 1990’s building.

The main access to the penthouse is located on its lower level housing the living areas such as the bedrooms, receptions, the dining area and the kitchen; the upper floor caters for entertaining and leisure: a gym, a home theater and a terrace.

All spaces have been conceived to take advantage of the natural light while addressing the view. Long corridors linking the receptions to the more private functions on the lower level and the front decked terrace to the back secluded garden are both naturally lit via a sky light and a planted courtyard.

On the roof terrace, the edges disappear to reveal a vertiginous uninterrupted vista. A glass balustrade sits at a lower level than the main terrace level; lounge chairs have been custom fabricated to fit within the surface of the floor deck; the infinity pool provides the same quality of view from the indoor gym room. The back terrace takes advantage of the existing pitched roof transforming it into a vegetable and flower stepped garden.

The reception and living areas are centered around elements such as a chimney or a specially commissioned 3m bar carved into one piece of marble.

The dining room, with its walls finished in rendered concrete, features a wall to wall cabinet around the window with a steel shelf raised at buffet height in continuity with the handles of the cabinet doors below.On the opposite walls, free standing columns contain the silverware and glassware and create a buffer zone before the entrance to the kitchen.

The master bedroom is designed to maximize dressing area while maintaining depth of space. The bed is centered in the room against a free-standing closet. The dressing space unfolds into a series of parallel closets. The master bathroom is in direct relationship with the dressing room. Behind a seamless large glass window, a bath, a walk-in shower and double basins are arranged.

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Status: Built
Location: Beirut, LB
Firm Role: Architect - Interior Designer