Marcy Monroe

Marcy Monroe

New York, NY, US


Goodnight Resilience

Co-MC + Organizer for SF Design Week’s ‘Goodnight Resilience’ event,
sponsored by the Curry Stone Foundation and held at Impact Hub Oakland (https://2018.sfdesignweek.
org/events/goodnight-resilience/) in June 2018. The event was centered around the parody, Goodnight Resilience, written and illustrated by myself with contributions from Tajai Massey and Loryn Cook.

Goodnight Resilience is about the rise of socio-economic inequality, increasing environmental risk, and the correlation between these two subjects. The provocation is focused on the building industry's direct involvement in either exacerbating or mitigating such trends locally and around the globe. Situated in the Bay Area, the book urges the building professions writ large to expand focus from technical expertise to also engage civic activism in order to reclaim the public sphere in an era of global tech dominance fueled by market urbanism.

Book can be found on Amazon:

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Status: Built
Location: Oakland, CA, US
My Role: Co-MC, Organizer, and Author-Illustrator