Marc Maxey

Marc Maxey

Santa Monica, CA, US


Hollywood and Vine: Architecture of the Internet Celebrity

This project re-imagines an existing building--1600 Vine--located at the corner of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles, and home to a dozen top Vine stars. Vine is a social media app recently purchased by Twitter that allows users to upload six-second looping videos. The architecture of 1600 Vine serves as the backdrop for these short sketch videos. Apartment interiors, banal parking garages, and public spaces such as the pool area become stage sets for Viners. This project addresses the following questions: How can architecture participate in the digital culture of Vine videos? What can architecture learn for Vine? And can we speed up architecture to the rate that digital content is consumed?

The goal of the design is to amplify, exaggerate, and make new possibilities for the production of Vine videos by providing residents access to all areas of the building and allowing the transformation of architectural space. A series of infrastructural interventions were made to the building such as permanently installing window washing cranes and scaffolding with an attached camera boom allowing residents access the equipment. To make architecture as fast as possible--both in construction and deconstruction--a renovation machine is created to constantly loop around the building making alterations to the architecture and interior. The machine can transform an apartment by circulating new furnishings through the balcony windows or hoisting in gold columns to the parking garage to give it more bling. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Princeton, NJ, US
Additional Credits: Studio Instructor: Andrés Jaque