Marc-Elio Massoud

Marc-Elio Massoud

Gardone Riviera, IT


Queen's Drive Residences

Residential development In Lagos, Nigeria consisting of 5 floors and 2 penthouse floors.

  • Project site area: 4600 m²
  • Typical floor plan area is of 2400 m² divided into 3 luxury apartments. Every block has his own vertical circulation and service elevators serving the apartments.
  • Ground floor and first floor consist of 2 duplex apartments (left and right) with the common space of the building in the central area.
  • Penthouse floors belong to the owner of the development and are divided into one duplex loft on one side and two single floor apartments for his children on the other. In between these two we can find the common family area shared by them. The penthouse floors are served by their own private vertical circulation and private service lifts.
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Status: Under Construction
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
My Role: Architect, Designer
Additional Credits: Serge Abi Saleh (SAS architects) / Lead Architect and owner of firm.