Manuel Vivar-Nieto

Manuel Vivar-Nieto

San Francisco, CA, US



Eight years ago I joined _dinamo arquitectos ( in Seville, Spain. As a partner in _dinamo, I led a team of 5 people and mentored various interns from numerous European countries with great results. Even with the difficult Spanish economy and drastic decline in construction, we won contracts (with budgets of up to nearly $5,000,000.00) and successfully participated in many competitions located around the world (Germany, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Morocco, and Mexico, to name a few). These experiences provided me with the skills to work in different languages, on a wide variety of projects, and with diverse people and cultures. Moreover, working in a small office taught me the importance of controlling the whole architectural process, and each stage of project development, from beginning to end. I carried out diverse tasks such as project analysis; solved architectural, constructional and design problems; carried out graphic presentations; collaborated with design teams, clients, consultants, contractors and vendors; performed construction site supervision; and executed structural calculations.

Being responsible for such large-scale projects and working in different international settings has taught me to be culturally sensitive, the importance of building strong relationships and an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, and adapt to the diverse environments and needs of each project. I am conscious of the importance of revitalizing urban landscapes, preserving architectural heritage, maintaining a strong attention to detail, and promoting a positive and creative working environment. 


Michael Hennessey Architecture, San Francisco, CA, US, Project Architect

Project Architect for several projects within San Francisco including a single family residence in Glen Park, a 2-unit residence in Cow Hollow, and a 3-unit residence in Twin Peaks. Responsibilities included everything from conceptual design to permitting, elaboration of construction documents, and coordination with consultants and engineers throughout the design process.

Feb 2015 - Jun 2016

dinamo arquitectos, Sevilla, ES, Licensed Architect in Spain

Licensed Architect in Spain, leading a team of 5 people. Executed urban design, residential, health care, institutional, and education projects with budgets of up to $4.8 million. Responsibilities included design, technical detailing, calculation of facilities, site supervision, contract administration, structural design, and coordination with outside consultants and engineers. Took part in many national and international competitions with great success.

Selected Accomplishments:
- Drafting and detailing project for a new high school (Project budget: $3,500,000.00).
- Subdivision, urban design, and drafting and detailing of 33 row houses (Project budget: $2,500,000.00).
- Project management and construction site supervision of 100 row houses (Project budget: $4,800,000.00).
- Architect for restoration and renovation building program contracted by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia, Spain, from 2007 until 2014. Drafted 80 housing projects and carried out construction site supervision.
- Construction site supervision of nursing home and senior center building (Project budget: $4,250,000.00).
- Structural calculations for the installation of solar panels on industrial warehouse roofs.

Oct 2006 - Dec 2014

TRAGSATEC, Sevilla, ES, Architectural designer

Temporary architect position. Performed various tasks such as drafting and detailing; architectural designs which included plans, elevations, and sections; fire-fighting equipment design; and improving accessibility in new public infant and primary schools.

Sep 2011 - Jan 2012

Javier Arroyo, Sevilla, ES, Architectural designer

Architect in Javier Arroyo Yanes’ architecture studio; performed various tasks such as drafting and detailing, construction site supervision, contract administration, layout competitions, design concepts, and architectural presentations.

Selected Accomplishments and Awards:
- Contract administrator for the construction of an office building and business incubator. Responsible for the drafting, detailing, site supervision and development of construction detailing (Project budget: $6,500,000.00).
- Detailing project for a new court building (Project budget: $2,000,000.00).
- Project for the renovation of 6 social housing units in historical center.
- 1st prize: Restricted tender procedure for 222 housing units and commercial premises. Almeria, 2005.
- 1st prize: Restricted tender process for 34 housing units. Loma Cabrera, 2006.
- 1st prize: Restricted tender process for 32 housing units and urban design. La Chanca, 2005.
- 3rd prize: International ideas competition of Sacred Art business center. Seville, 2004.

Mar 2004 - Oct 2006

BAUAMT Technische Universität München, Munich, DE, Intern

Intern at BAUAMT in the Technical University of Munich; worked in the development of the design and renovation for the Klinikum Rechts der Isar hospital in Munich. Responsibilities included design, drafting, detailing and coordination with engineers.

Jul 2000 - Sep 2000

BAUAMT Technische Universität München, Munich, DE, Intern

Intern at BAUAMT in the Technical University of Munich; worked in the development of the design and renovation for the Klinikum Rechts der Isar hospital in Munich. Responsibilities included design, drafting, detailing and coordination with engineers.

Jun 1998 - Oct 1998


Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, ES, MArch, Official Master's Degree in Sustainable City and Architecture

Oct 2006 - Dec 2007

Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, ES, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture.
Minor in structural engineering.

Oct 1996 - Apr 2004

University of Applied Sciences/ Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, DE, Architecture

Studied abroad for one year.
Chosen subjects: Landscape architecture IV, Project IV, Photography Lab, Heritage Conservation.

Sep 2002 - Jul 2003


1st prize: Ideas competition for a new high school. Almesilla, Spain., 1st Place


2nd prize: Ideas competition for a new public school. Olivares, Spain, 2nd Place


Jury mention: National ideas competition. Urban Renewal for the neighborhood of Porto d´Ascoli di San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy., Honorable Mention


Finalist: Ideas competition. Urban renovation of Ronda del Marrubial. Córdoba, Spain., Other


Honorable mention: International Ideas Competition. Europan 8 Sintra, Portugal., Honorable Mention


Areas of Specialization