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Mallol Arquitectos

Panama City, PA


Mallol Design House

Mallol's decision to build its own offices after 40 years of professional practice as designers was the result of an in-depth evaluation and considerations that intervene in the good performance of the architecture and contribute to a better exercise of this discipline. 

Open, bright, flexible, multipurpose spaces, without hierarchy, that allow a fluid communication and share a philosophy of work in continuous creativity and cooperation.

The design philosophy of the project is the mixed uses of the program, where space always privileges new spaces and shares the diversity of its needs.

When the building to design and organize the new offices of MDH with all the demands and requirements of sustainability was located and selected, it was favored a traditional place with history, to transform it into an emblematic site, as is the neighborhood of Bellavista, located in the heart of the capital city, 400 meters from the Bay of Panama, and with an enviable communication towards the key points of the city.

The existing building, a seven-storey hotel, served as a base for its construction, whose steel structures were recycled with the purpose of turning them into an architectural studio, where space would allow teamwork, personalized attention to clients, improve the working life quality for employees, creating new areas of work for the better development and creativity of the architectural discipline.

Offices that allow to establish an appropriate environment with a suitable atmosphere to interdisciplinary work, face to face in open spaces and promote the appropriate synergies.

This was the idea from the beginning, a challenge assumed to launch a process of constant transformation, a real proposal of change towards a new culture of work.

The proposal: strip the structure, strip it of any content other than its own space and functions. A building in continuous dialogue with its new aesthetics and contents, and in reiteration and disposition of the profession that represents.

The predominant white of all spaces was chosen, associated to light, amplitude, reflection, refraction and to the very conception of design as a potential value, serving not only as a work place, but also as a place of aesthetic-cultural projection.

Mallol Desing House (MDH) is the expression of white as a space of a discourse that transcends the fact itself to give way to a new way of facing the discipline through the plural exchange among its professionals. Space itself is a stimulating metaphor for creativity and calls for the essential task of architecture: design.

The use of noble materials, such as concrete, steel, glass, wood, has made it possible to bare the structure, transform space and organize connectivity.

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Status: Built
Location: Panama City, PA
Firm Role: Architecture, Design, Interior Design