Madison Beck

Madison Beck

College Point, NY, US


22@ Superblock

‘Superblocks’ are areas of reduced motor traffic throughout Barcelona, created as part of an initiative to ease poor air conditions.

This project responds to the city’s goal of distrupting the urban street condition in favor of the pedestrian, and decreasing their environmental footprint. The 22@ Pavillion transforms a busy intersection into a public planter and food redistribution center.

This pavilion utilizes zeer pot technology to provide a natural source of cooling for food goods that might otherwise become waste. The aluminum structure of the pavilion is embedded with hydroponic clay tiles. The tiles may be used to grow herbs or small plants, creating a ‘canopy layer’ for additional cooling.

Zeer pot modules are arranged around the cores of the pavilion. Zeer pots require moisture and wind in order to perform evaporative cooling. The mass of the pavilion is configured in order to capture wind and collect water at the cores.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: research, design development, 3D modeling, rendering
Additional Credits: Irfan Haider
Kanata Yamayoshi