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"Te koshat" SportShop

Architects: MadenGroup

Location:Gjakova, Kosovo

Project team: Ideal Vejsa, Shpat Pozhegu, Astrit Rraci, Mjellma Halili

Area: 150.0 sqm

Project year: 2016

Photographer: MADENGroup



Located in an area which is characterized by the glorious history in sports, this Sport Shop has been conceived to bring back the vibes of the past in an area of 150 sq. meters. Thus, the concept is a result of the attempt to bring back nostalgic memories from Basketball courts in the city of Gjakova, years ago.

Primarily, the studio identified various elements from the ghetto courts, which after all, ended up creating an unforgettable memory. Absurd as it may sound, the chain-fence link, murals court tracks, street lamps and plastic crates were some of the details taken into deep analysis and consideration regarding the Sport Shop design.

Subsequent to identifying the details, the design followed soon after. Primarily by utilizing the chain-face link to mark the borders and to outline the rectangular shape of the store. Secondly the designation of a sitting area in the middle of the store creates the cozy atmosphere to wear different shoes in an ambient recalling the tribunes from the sports. Thirdly, considering that street arts and paintings have always been part of the sports, a wall of about 8 m length and 3 meters high, was enriched with a mural depicting the names of famous sportsmen from the city. Lastly, the designers carefully interpreted the details of court tracks, street lamps, plastic crates and neon text, always justifying the function destination."

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Status: Built
Location: Gjakova, Kosovo