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Frutti Offices

Project: Frutti Offices

Architects: Maden Group

Location: Prevallë, Kosovo

Area: 112 m2

Project Year: 2019

Photograph: Creative Fields

Frutti Offices is a project that develops from the need to create an attractive work space within an industrial environment, that reflects the recent evolution and a new innovative management in this company.

Frutti is a local company that produces fruit juices and their request was to intervene inside the existing factory with offices for monitoring the production process.

The concept of the intervention it is based on nature itself: an innovative idea to create a quarter of nature inside an industrial space.  This quarter is made of containers and greenery.

The container is a flexible element  which can easily be carried/removed while retaining its design and function, so the workplaces should be easily relocated and reused.

The container represents the concept of today's architecture, an architecture that reuses itself through design and material.

The use of containers and their interior design,  speak a minimalist architectural language that does not oppose the industrial architecture of the factory and above all the industrial character of the container itself: as a transport element used in each industrial field.

The design concept is characterized by linking the company’s product to the project proposed by maden group, that is achieved through the use of colors and graphics. The colors represent the variety of fruits from which the company produces juices, while the graphic design of the surfaces of the containers is based on the fruit form itself.  

From the outside containers are painted in black, while the inside surfaces and furnitures are painted in white combined with one color that represents each space. These colors are red, purple, orange and green, which are also the colors of the company’s brand.

The new office space has an area of 112m2  which includes 1 storages, 1 workshop , and 2 offices where there are work spaces for 1 director and 3 managers.

To accommodate the natural lighting and ventilation needs of the office, the containers are cut  to create openings which also follow a rhythm based on the overall design module.

Outside the containers/offices is a common space, designed based on the principle of inner courtyards covered by a metal structure with greenery over it.  In this structure hangs the lights and swingers which creates an intimate space for workers, where they could remove the mind from the everyday dynamic routine. 





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Status: Built
Location: Prizren, CS
Firm Role: Interior Design