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Shaoxing Paojiang Two Lakes Area Master Plan

This Master plan layers the site’s existing landscape with many amenities and uses, based on the five elements prominent in Chinese Culture. They are Gold, Fire, Wood, Earth and Water.
The design integrates a series of smaller parks strung along the lake like a jeweled necklace. Each park is based thematically on one of the Five Elements. The programs, uses, amenities, materials and forms will be associated with each element.

Each zone is represented by a prominent thematic landmark. Each landmark is visible from one or more landmarks, such that residents are encouraged to visit neighboring parks and landmarks.
For instance, the “water” element is marked by a tower with hydraulic water systems servicing fountains. Visitors can walk up the tower, experiencing the mechanics of hydrology, while viewing other landmarks in the distance. In addition, pools, beaches, spas and other water related uses inhabit this parklet.


Located in the Yangtze River Delta, ShaoXing is south of Shanghai. Famous for its canals, bridges, wine and calligraphy, the city is the birthplace of prominent historical figures; Cai Yuan Pei, Lu Xun, and Zhou En Lai

PaoJiang Lake District is located in North ShaoXing. It will become a new center for residential / multi-use developments, connected by public transportation and high-speed train.
The government wants to create an amenity rich environment around an existing lake, in order to attract developers and residents to the district

Size and Scope:
The master plan’s design area is approximately 4 Sq. Km. The built program includes 360,000 Sq. M., but does not include the design of any housing units shown.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Shaoxing, CN
Additional Credits: CRJA-IBI Group , Green Design Union, Harada Landscape Architects and Prof Zhou