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Guaimaca Health Center

Spearheaded by the efforts of two remarkable women (Sister Maria Cabellos and Sister Marta Ines Toro), things are changing in the village of Guaimaca, Honduras (population 10,000). The two nuns are members of Dominican Sisters of The Presentation, an order that has been active on four continents helping those in need. See for more information on the Order, and go to the blog on their Parish in Guaimaca, its school, farm and other initiatives.

The Sister’s latest initiative is to build a new, larger and much needed clinic to serve the poor. The 10,000 SF facility will house exam rooms, a dental clinic, a pharmacy, a nurse’s station, offices, reception / waiting areas and classrooms. In addition, appartments for medical staff and volunteers will be provided on the second floor of the complex .

The clinic’s spaces are organized around two larger courtyards, and three smaller courts, creating a lush and relaxing oasis . These courtyards are a welcome reprieve to the heat, and help cool adjacent spaces. The design picks up on the local vernacular, in particular the use of stucco walls, tile roofs and native gardens. It also recalls the work of Louis Barragan, a master at working with luscious colors and landscape elements.

The Parish’s Health Center has a full-time staff. In addition, doctors and nurses from around the world volunteer for a week or two at at a time. When specialists come to the clinic, patients come from a wide geographic region, often leading to long lines -so great is the demand for health services.

To Find out about the project and how you might be able to help the project, head on over to our Blog

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Guaimaca, HN