Lucia Maria Rugnon Castellucci

Lucia Maria Rugnon Castellucci

Madrid, ES


Competition for Youth rental housing

The hills have eyes:
Competition:  young rental housing.
Placed on the Ecobulevar of Madrid where the intention was an eco-friendly environment we imagine growing a garden, buildings like trees. And this romantic idea has produced this result.
A stem where leaves and flowers are hooked. Two typologies of apartments: one more flexible with a terrace like a petal and the next with a kernel in the centre well-defined as a leaf.
It is like a shrub where leaves, flowers and gaps are built-in to the stem. The gaps collected the community activities like solariums, laundries, reading area or working space…places for parties and fun)
The branches communicate. And each tree root on a green winding carpet that receives it. Below like nutrients: facilities and parking. Business space are on the ground floor.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Madrid, ES
My Role: Team Leader