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    Idenity. Happy Gilmore

    Gor Gevorkyan
    May 3, '21 2:51 PM EST


    The light is shining through my windows, and I hiss at the thought of waking up. To ease the pain that it is a new day, I think about how cool my girlfriend is and wonder what my characters are doing. For most of my life, I have been drawing characters that I can call my own. They take up this space in my head that I call creativity. They are my children, and I want to raise them to be the best, but I need help. From someone that sees life like me or at least understands it.

    Be Happy

    My father was never a teacher, he would rarely pass down knowledge for it was not who he is. Thankfully, he would happily support any decision I made. Whether it was playing basketball as the shortest child in school, or wanting to express myself through fashion and drawing. I created a style that was unique to me, and this does come with its flaws. I was an outcast from my team, my school, and the Armenian community for how different I was. I felt as though the stray dog that no one wanted.

    With time comes reflection, and when one is stuck in a classroom about Architecture history there are a lot of opportunities to reflect on yourself. The style I once had was dragon t-shirts, drawing every day, and watching wrestling. Architecture has changed my view on life. The clothes I wear need meaning and history, instead of drawing I am 3D modeling, and watching men wrestle with uninspiring stories bore me when comparing it to the cinema. My taste in life has changed and so have my characters. I feel that a perfect meeting ground to document change would be through a video game. This would allow me to create a deep narrative that stretches/reflects over my past hobbies, highlights my present architectural ideas, and theorizes the future of my identity.

    I dream of a teacher that trusts my ideas but also critiques my method to make myself a better person. Just like how Happy Gilmore, needed Chubbs Peterson: a supposed golf god who lost his hand in an alligator incident. Chubbs believed in Happy, and his goal was not to repaint Happy’s game but fill in what he did not learn. Which is signified in the glorious golden hockey put. This tool that is being used for its unintended purpose is used as a meeting ground of hockey and golf. It signifies trust from the teacher and student, and that is something I am looking for in the future. I think a golden pen that shows trust but allows me to use the ideas of architecture to succeed in video game design would be a dream.

    Am I Ready For That?

    Designing a 3D world for my characters can be daunting, and the thought of not having someone that understands scares me. There is still so much to learn about life, history, and design. I feel as though I am not ready, yet in the back of my mind I say, “why should I care?” Happy declined Chubb's help at first and went head first into becoming a golfer. That helped him understand where he needs help. Why not use the same mentality and put that into designing my 3D world for my characters and look for help when I actually need it. I dream of that time when I deserve that golden pen, but maybe it will come when I show the world why I deserve it.

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