Gor Gevorkyan

Gor Gevorkyan

Tujunga, CA, US

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The Line and The Reel

The archirects line and film directors film reel. Two very different ways of experessing ideas yet when working together can lead to magic.

Students can use movies to inspire a project. By understanding how architecture is used from a film directors’ point of view, the student can learn to use architecture and cinema to sculpt a narrative with tone, presenation,and usage.

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Parallel Building Design Studio, Glendale, CA, US, Intern

As an intern focusing on residential housing projects, I have to prepare for site visits by searching the site, understanding the scale, and printing satellite imagery for the site plan. I manually sketch plans, and elevations to then note measurements of the home. My tasks fluctuate at site visits depending on the goal of the project. AutoCAD is the last step for me to complete the job. I am tasked to complete floorplans, elevations, and site plans that will be then revised by those above me.

Oct 2022 - current


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2020 - Jun 2023


2019 Best of PCC Architecture, Award

The project Cal Tech Gate Way Center was a project completed by Brandon Pineda, Jenny Maheny, and myself. The project was selected for 2019 Best of PCC Architecture showcased in Wuho Gallery in Los Angeles.


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