Lan Hwang

Lan Hwang

Edison, NJ, US


Urban Wanderer

     The choice of the elevator installation is an interesting study of human behavior within this thirty second trip on the elevator. 

     I notice some interesting observation in the elevator, people usually tend to take the corners and sides when walk in the elevator, and they keep a certain distance from others in the 30 second ride.  Within this period, it is an awkward silence in the elevator and people don't want to make any eye contact. Also, when elevator stops at certain floors, people get impatient and irritated. It is a short few seconds ride that is mandatory but everyone is impatient and oblivious for.

     So, I want to make the elevator ride little different,  with an unexpected surprise when the door opens, more interaction and less boring ﹣﹣or at least no awkward atmosphere﹣﹣for the riders. Make the elevator trip a fun experience instead of a dreadful wait.

     I randomly pick two out of four elevators for my installation. All six sides of interior of the elevator would be covered with color glass panels. On the glass panels are sentences to fill in the blank. Sentences such as "my earliest memory is _____," "before I die I want to _____," "I think RISD should _____," "my wildest dream would be _____"...etc. Answers are written with erasable marker on the glass, allowing unlimited people put  their own opinion up. It is interesting to read others message. Besides interesting to read, but also something to do, whether reading or writing, the elevator ride is less boring and less awkward!


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Status: School Project
Location: Providence, RI, US
My Role: designer