Lian Chikako Chang

Lian Chikako Chang

San Francisco, CA, US



This book is a companion object to Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. Gravity's Rainbow is dense with words, and you might read it front to back but the stories this enmeshes you in are intertwining and multidirectional. MB DRO ROSHI has no words except the title (which you may recognize from a scene at the heart of the novel) and can be flipped over to be read in either direction. In one orientation, flipping through the pages reveals a void of a V2 rocket facing up--ready to launch--and in the other orientation, you see it facing down--about to make contact at the end of its flight.

This work was completed as part of a seminar on the works of Thomas Pynchon with Peter Galison.

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Status: School Project