Lian Chikako Chang

Lian Chikako Chang

San Francisco, CA, US

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...Just signed up for the Association of Architecture Organizations conference in Boston. See you there?

Aug 28 '13

...working on my last homework assignment ever as an architecture student. hope this is also my last all nighter as an architecture student!! :P

May 14 '13


Feb 12 '13

...finally met fellow gsd archinect blogger John Tubles today! rah rah.

Oct 26 '12

...watching course presentations at the GSD:

Aug 29 '12

...I change one number and all of a sudden I'm getting these crazy glowing night renders. Whatever, I'm just going to go with it.

Dec 11 '11

...Jurg Conzett is in the backyard with children, dismantling the sukkah and teaching the little ones to use a screwdriver.

Nov 6 '11

...Preston Scott Cohen and Stan Allen tonight at the GSD. 6:30pm LIVE BLOG. rah rah.

Oct 20 '11

...Grading structures midterm body diagrams!!!

Oct 15 '11

...The trick to doing an all-screenshot pinup is being enthusiastic, drawing over the screenshots, and making little sketches while you talk.

Oct 12 '11

...showed up for a pinup today with nothing but screenshots and a dream. It went OK.

Oct 12 '11

...Thanks Paul for feeding her insatiable ego by posting a note about my blog in his work update. Thanks Paul! I appreciate it and you may resume the rest of your life now.

Oct 11 '11

...Finaly, the truth comes out.

Oct 2 '11

...Can't wait for the new blog platform to launch on Monday!

Oct 1 '11

...there's no way to do lineweights without jay-z

Sep 15 '11

...yes, yes, Paul, I want the new blog platform!

Sep 14 '11

...the new GSD t shirts are in.

the new GSD t shirts are in.

Sep 14 '11

...Not sure what I can say about the GSD's upcoming lecture series, but...I'll just say that it's going to glow in the dark.

Sep 2 '11

...ugh, exhausted already!

Aug 30 '11

...At course presentations at the GSD. Emmanuel Petit just gave a witty and thoughtful presentation. Hmmmmm.

Aug 29 '11

...Baller!!!! Toyo Ito GSD studio in Tokyo in the spring.

Aug 27 '11

...Michael Jemtrud was the best boss I ever had! Really upset that McGill School of Architecture is sacking him as director.

Jun 24 '11

...somewhere between "yay" and "yawn": transferring files to my new macbook pro...

Jun 23 '11

...I guess yesterday was decision day. Welcome, GSD M.Arch.I class of 2015!

Apr 16 '11

...Every time I start a new Rhino model I think 'this one's gonna be neat and tidy.'

Apr 16 '11

...Looking forward to meeting the GSD's incoming M.Arch. 2015 class!

Apr 8 '11

...a public lecture without a liveblog is like sex without photography.

Apr 6 '11

...@ Quilian: poke!

Apr 6 '11

...ow! I think Quilian just poked me.

Apr 5 '11 is for suckers. I'm going home.

Apr 5 '11