Land Morphology

Land Morphology

Seattle, WA


In Situ Estate

In Situ is an eight-acre public garden that is designed to be spiritually and emotionally inspiring, combining landscape structures, rich planting, and art integration. Eight water features, an outdoor kitchen, recreational facilities, arbors, walls, portals, terraces, and walks create a comprehensive palette of site structures that were designed by Richard Hartlage. He maintained the highest standards of construction by overseeing all built objects in the garden.

The highlight of the garden is a collection of outdoor sculptures by nationally recognized artists. Richard worked closely with the client to select and place all of the art. He also designed multiple pieces of art in wood, glass, and metal for the property.

Richard continues to visit the site bi-monthly, to asses maintenance and collaborate with the landscape contractor. This assures an impeccably managed garden that has been called one of the most significant gardens in Connecticut.

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Status: Built
Location: Redding, CT, US