Kseniya Yanchis

Kseniya Yanchis

Brooklyn, NY, US


Senior Thesis - "Terpsichore" Ballet School and Dance Therapy Center

For the Senior Thesis, I chose a topic that was most close to me, Dance. Always having a passion for dance, especially ballet, I wanted to build a school that would benefit not only students dedicated to dance as a profession, but also every day people in need of a pick-me-up in a form of dance therapy. It is both a school and a healing center with physical therapy office on site, ready to accommodate students and visitors alike. 

The existing building that I chose to house the school is the Asian Society building. It is an 8-story complex with 2 additional underground levels. 

Drawing from a case study of Alvin Ailey dance school, I thought it necessary to include a performing space where students can display their talents, as well as a way to serve better their community by hosting monthly charity events and concerts. 

Main concepts were drawn from certain aspects of ballet: Line, Movement, Defying Gravity, Emotion (in this case energy in motion). 

Incorporation of green design such as better access to natural daylight and air by means of central atrium and a water wall. 

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Status: School Project