Kseniya Yanchis

Kseniya Yanchis

Brooklyn, NY, US


7th semester Retail Studio Project - Boutique Store

The object of this project was to design from scratch a boutique store within set perimeters. 

I came up with "Gaia", a 2 level shop that sold both healing rocks and crystals as well as more refined Swarovski collectibles and precious stones accessories. 

The concept was that of a underground cave, with more rough looking healing stones and rocks on the darker lower level, with a central architectural staircase that led to the upper level, which was highly illuminated and carried the refined objects d'art. The idea was for users to experience being inside a cave full of priceless, shimmering treasures and being dazzled by the light from above. 

Lighting was the most important design aspect as well as custom made display units. On the lower level, the source of light was mainly task lighting, illuminating the healing crystals, as well as light streaming from upstairs through openings in the ceiling . 

The chosen materials of stone, wood, metal and glass were to accentuate the gleaming of the crystals, both roughly-hewed and the Swarovski.  

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Status: School Project