Kuber Patel

Kuber Patel

Anand, IN



Currently, I am the director of KPA 789 degree a sister firm of KPA deesign studio, a 30 year old company who specializes in high-end residential, housing and institutional projects. My role in the firm is to establish a research based approach to all design projects with an objective of developing emergent yet effective ways of tackling new design problems both of the present and near future.   

I also recently completed my graduation from Architectural Association with Masters of Architecture in Emergent Technologies and Design. Here, I worked on developing systems with performance oriented design processes based on an intensive scientific approach with tests and experiments on the material, environmental, structural and social behavior. The design process mostly optimized with evolutionary computation tools based on parametric modelling, algorithmic techniques and fitness criteria.

My graduate thesis focused on developing a city system to tackle flooding in informal settlements and how a resilient approach can work as an integrated strategy between environmental response (top-down process) and spatial behavior ( a bottom-up process) into a coherent design proposal. One of the major things I have gained through my time at the Emergent Technologies and Design is the efficient use of systems and computational tools available for design. In my work the form finding process would have an active environmental driver with criteria, that enhances architectural performance. After plunging into the natural, material and city systems, I would further like to develop my skills into material research. I have my recent interests in research that look at how shape and form at a minuscule level can affect the macroscopic for altering the properties of the material and its architectural application. Other aspects that I am keen to practice incline towards large span roof design and city systems. My recent research is in a system that uses Agent-based methods for developing a coherent spatial organisation between behavior and response in macro, meso and micro level public spaces. 

My professional experience at the four firms offered me lots of exposure as I got to work on different projects varying in scale from furniture design to urban planning. The scope of my job includes full involvement in projects from conceptualization to execution, client, consultant, agency meetings, tendering, site supervision, making a spontaneous decision on site during failure or delay of work. Over my time as a professional, I learned that a proper work ethic in achieving tasks on time with the clarity of ideas is always beneficial for any work. A good drawing representation is also important as architects have to deal with people from agencies, contractors, and clients at various stages during the design and construction process.



KPA Deesign Studio, Anand, IN, Director of KPA 789 degree (sister firm)

He handles our Ahmedabad Studio working on large scale urban and commercials projects. Kuber Patel has now successfully introduced a Research-based design approach where all KPA projects are optimised in performance by understanding response and behaviour between climate, function, form, material and structure. He strongly believes that architecture should be for serving a sustainable relationship between mankind and the natural environment.

Mar 2017 - current

SGP Contracts, London, GB, Architect

Construction drawings, Production Manager, Material Procurement and Accounts

Apr 2016 - Oct 2016

Kamal Patel & Associates, Anand, IN, Archtiect

Conceptualization, Client Presentations, Preparing Competition Proposals, Construction Drawings, Presentation Drawings, Rendering, Contractor/Consultancy meetings, Quantity Surveyor, Project Costing, Tendering

Aug 2013 - Sep 2014

HCP Design Planning and Management Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad, IN, Intern Architect

Digital 3D Modelling, Schematic design and problem solving, HVAC drawings, Construction Drawings mostly for civil works.

Dec 2012 - Sep 2013

INTACH - Delhi Chapter, Delhi, IN, Trainee

Digitizing complex architecture elevations of heritage buildings, Research material used and ways for restoration, proposing road development strategies.

May 2010 - Oct 2011


Sardar Patel University, Anand, IN, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Jan 2017 - current

Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), London, GB, MArch, Emergent Technologies and Design

For the last 17 years the Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech) programme has been open to graduates in architecture and engineering who wish to develop skills and pursue knowledge in an architectural design science located in new production paradigms. This year we will continue to investigate new synergies of architecture and ecology through the critical intersection of computational design and fabrication. Our focus is on the experiential and social potential of new material and spatial configurations for architectural and ecological urban systems situated in the dynamic contexts of emerging biomes. The programme is designed to stimulate critical thinking through the experience of research-driven design projects that are developed in an intellectually rigorous and creative studio environment. Our projects are pursued in multiple iterations - as hypotheses, to material and computational experimentation, to robotic fabrication and evaluation. At the same time students reflect on this work in presentations and group discussions throughout the year, and analyse their findings in scientifically structured papers.

Our Masters (M.Arch./M.Sc.) programme has two distinct phases - the Studio and the Dissertation. Both Studio and the Dissertation are aligned with, and supported by the research of the programme team and the advanced expertise our alumni and research colleagues in practice and industry

Sep 2014 - Mar 2016

Areas of Specialization