Kristen Gandy

Kristen Gandy

Brooklyn, NY, US


T+E+A+M Ragdale Ring Submission - Living Picture

Living Picture has been selected for the 2017 Adrian Smith Prize for the Ragdale Ring.

“LIVING PICTURE makes a scene. Digital imagery depicting the original Ragdale Ring maps onto lightweight objects stacked and arrayed around the site. This layered imagery expands the boundary of the proscenium, drawing audience members into the space of performance. “

The design for this project was a conceptual re-introduction of the historic 1912 Ragdale Ring by way rendering the past imagery onto our present design for the outdoor theatre. These projected scenes of the past become legible at three key viewpoints on the site as you enter the performance space. This experience of the past will be interrupted as performance goers and performers cross between the stacked clusters of forms which make up the seating and performance space.


“T+E+A+M’s proposal stood out because it honors the legacy of the original Ragdale Ring by integrating it directly into a cotemporary exploration of image, space, and performance.   It is great how both visitors and residents will be immersed in the history of the site and the continuing narrative of the project all summer.  We are excited for T+E+A+M to realize their proposal and expect their experience will be as rewarding and productive as ours was last year.” – Molly Hunker and Greg Corso, SPORTS

“The scaleability and flexibility of the solution is a wonderful fit for the dynamic character of Ragdale’s population. The absence of formal audience/performer hierarchical space and the compelling layering of historic site context and contemporary abstract imagining leaves an incredibly generous and rich space for creating and experiencing new work. The solution expresses an inherently collaborative spirit that recalls the unifying and celebratory intentions of the original Ring.”
– Anna Arellanes Wirth, von Weise Associates

“Living Picture is visually engaging, drawing references from nature and from postmodern architecture, and extremely flexible.  It will provide infinite staging possibilities that will certainly create moments of magic for Ragdale’s outdoor setting.”
– Zurich Esposito, AIA Chicago

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Lake Forest, IL, US
My Role: Submission production, design support, team organization and contributions, scheme explorations, rhino models, renderings, storyboarding
Additional Credits: Design Leads: Thom Moran, Ellie Abrons, Adam Fure, Meredith Miller (T+E+A+M)
Design Team: Kristen Gandy, Reid Mauti, Nick Kim, Annemaria Groenhaut
Consultants: Shane Darwent, Jasen Falahee