Kyle Branchesi

Kyle Branchesi

Glasgow, GB


Deep Futures

This project focuses on the idea of a city from zero, which would effectively be centered on criteria where data is above all the key driver and data in every form would be the means by which such a city would not only sustain itself but also thrive. All cities in one form or another have been places working around information as seamless exchange. Today that exchange is predominantly if not entirely electronic and digital. Data driven, electronically seamless and technologically robust environments effectively are now the places of exchange of services, goods, sustenance, entertainment, sport, education, finance, healthcare and so on, and one could say data and technology are also capable now of dealing with the more ineffable and abstract aspects of city growth and existence in such territories as delirium, distraction, chance, and desire.

The Field of Physical Extremes is a pavilion and science center that will experiment and test corporal technology and innovations.

It will be a place of education and discussion on ethical matters that will inevitably arise and last but not least showcase the innovations by introducing them into sports and competition, where their effects become eminently apparent.

A research laboratory with a showcase pavilion and sports tracks, where scientists and inventors work out and experiment with new ways to enhance the physical abilities of the human race, for whichever challenges we might face in the deep future.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Abraham Fung, Hulda Gudjonsdottir