Xiaoyang Liu

Xiaoyang Liu

New York, NY, US


Second 2nd life

RISD Second life is a place for students to trade art supplies that can pass on to others to continue help the creative process. Although the space is quite spacious in term of its length and height, the closed crowd layout and the lighting fixtures do not communicate well with each other to create a clear orientation and circulation for customers. In order to bring a lighter and more energetic environment and easier commercial experience, we propose to bring more lights, to organize the direction of existing lights, and to change the floor color as well as to lighter the main surface color, adding reflective material, and a bright, sharp major color to attract people's attention. By bringing more lights, we hope to better adjust the 2nd life to a stage that the display is clear enough and to a the store that brings the visitors a brand of passion for design from this organized environment.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Finding proper lighting fixtures and plan drawings on existing conditions.
Additional Credits: Sandy Wen, Jackie Li