Stacy Kelley

Stacy Kelley

Dothan, AL, US


Quilting Studio

• My classmates and I were responsible for the interiors of this design-build project, including the ceiling and floor "skins" and the re-purposed furniture or "inhabitable skins"
• Other classmates were responsible for the bathroom interior, the bench, the pivot wall, the bed, the door, and the storage bins that line the walls of the built studio
• Cleaned and painted the concrete floor to add to overall theme of "patchwork" for the Quilter
• Re-designed existing table to include a soft top for fabrics and re-upholstered the chairs
• Wrote and edited a publication on this government-granted project

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Status: Built
Location: Waverly, AL, US
My Role: Design/Build, Collaborative Effort
Additional Credits: Architecture, Interior Architecture and Building Science students at Auburn University in 2006-2007