katherine brice

katherine brice

New York, NY, US


Rachel Feinstein 'Folly' - Madision Square park summer 2014

Folly by New York sculptor Rachel Feinstein was commissioned by Madison sq. Park for the 2014 summer series. The installation consists of three follies—structures that were popular in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century architecture, built with decorative rather than functional purpose. Feinstein’s sculptures are executed in graphically printed and detailed panels of thin powder coated aluminum. They range from  8 to 26 feet tall. The three structures include a house perched on a towering cliff, a rococo-style hut, and a flying ship moored high in a tree, supported by a mast extending to the ground. 

Perfection Electricks a metal fabrication shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn produced these sculptures. My role for this project was to translate the artists 6 inch tall paper marquette’s into digital 3D models from which fabricators could construct the final sculptures. I worked both directly with the artist , fabricators and engineers to ensure that the artists vision was met.  I  produced a kit of parts and instructions for the three sculptures, Including hundreds of milled pieces and custom mapped graphics. I was also involved in the physical production of the sculpture towards the end of the project, hand cutting and sanding aluminum parts.

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Status: Built
Location: madison sq park NY
My Role: Architectural designer and technician