katherine brice

katherine brice

New York, NY, US



Lyons is an architectural and urban design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm designs projects which are responsive to and expressive of a contemporary experience of local and global culture - a world of ideas, new media, technologies and rapidly changing urbanism. Lyons work is committed to and interested in the history and culture of ideas and how ideas can be used to create meaningful contemporary architecture.

During my time at Lyons, i was Junior Architect on ‘Pathways’ a 35 million dollar teaching facility at Latrobe University Melbourne Australia. The project took eight months to complete from Sketch Design to Design Documentation. During these eight months i was involved in all aspects of the project from 3D modeling in Rhino, documenting in Revit and sitting in on client and contractor meetings. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Latrobe University - Melbourne Australia
My Role: Junor Architect assisted with 3D design and modelling in Rhino, assisted with drafting and Modelling in Revit.