Kae Schwalber

Kae Schwalber

Anchorage, AK, US


Work to Play

This project was a highly collaborative team effort by myself, Maureen Yue, and Haerim Park for our 2020 Comprehensive studio and the King + King Architecture Competition, winning an honorable mention.

Downtown Syracuse is much like most rustbelt cities, with evidence of former glory along with empty storefronts. We were tasked with developing a post-covid office space from the existing building, which was formerly Sibley’s Department Store. 

The goal of our building was to create an office space that increases the health of the occupants through clean air, low carbon impact, and family inclusive spaces. First we opened up our site. We brought in light through open atriums and removed our bottom floors. Then we invited people in through visual verticality and play spaces on the ground and the roof plane. Finally we inhabit our building with a mix of traditional office space and what we call “Family Clusters” or spaces where you can bring your children to work.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Syracuse, NY, US
My Role: Maureen Yue and Haerim Park