Kae Schwalber

Kae Schwalber

Anchorage, AK, US


Shang – Highrise

With global temperatures on the rise, Shanghai could soon be reduced to an island, losing all its farmland and displacing 17.5 million people. The Shang-Highrise is a parasitic development that aims to maximize farming potential, minimizing ground plane interaction. 

The tetrahedron–shape maximizes a growable surface while minimizing occupied area. Our farming units each have water piping that connects the structure, with artificial lighting encompassing the pipes.  As housing units aggregate, aerial connections between existing highrises' will develop. The glow of the farm units will produce residual light for both the office and housing spaces. The housing units span the floors, offering one level and two level units of living. Water and energy transfer between the housing units,  the existing building, and through the aeroponic farming units through passive and active systems. 

 Overall this proposal is a mutualistic architecture, one that has a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the growing addition, and the existing architecture. It is additive, collaborative, and able to provide for the community. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Pudong, CN