Junxiong Ma

Junxiong Ma

Philadelphia, PA, US


Wedding Tower

Many people consider wedding as the most important thing in their life. In order to have a dreamy wedding, they will spend tons of money on it. Among all the staffs in wedding, the wedding venue is the most important one. According to the research, New York city is the most expensive wedding spending place, it takes average 30,000 dollars to rent a wedding place in NYC. Although the rent is very high, due to the maintenance costs in the spare time, there is no specific wedding venue in the world now. Most of the wedding were held in the church or some public spaces. But the wedding ceremony always separate with the place that people have their dinner, it's very inconvenient for the guests and the transportation of the facilities. Meanwhile, the newlywed should also arrange the accommodations of the guest. For those reasons, we decided to design a wedding tower at 432 avenue Manhattan. The specific designed space will meet the romanic need of wedding and the combination of the wedding industry will make the wedding more convenient and efficient. Meanwhile, wedding in this iconic landmark will draw the attention of the whole city! 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: concept, Interior, section design