Juan Pablo Gaviria

Juan Pablo Gaviria

Charlotte, NC, US



After two different construction companies abandoned the construction site of my families house, at the age of ten, I have got involved, among some family friends, my father and other relatives in the completion of the construction.
For this reason at a young age I have learned and participated in the different processes and stages of a construction site.
It was then when I realized how passionate and interested i was about architecture, design and the different techniques and processes involved in it.
This passion  led me to study architecture, finishing my studies in March 2016 by the European University of Madrid, obtaining an outstanding rating with my Degree Project, and the first prize  of the Architecture Degree Project Schinler's contest.


E2 arquitectos, Madrid, ES, Architect

E2 Arquitectos

E2 Arquitectos is an studio founded by Eva Maria Hurtado and Eduardo Belzunce, both with great experience in the architectural world.

I was contacted by them in order to help with an architectural contest, Madrid´s headquarter offices for Metro.

During my colaboration with them I was involved in the development of the idea and the completion of the projects proposal.
Once again I developed and made many documents for the contest including Cad files, 3d models and taking care of the postproduction of the panels presented.

Because my performance was so good Eva, one of the founders of the Studio asked me to colaborate with her and Leandro Camara (architect of the Vitoria City (Basque Country) cathedral) in the development of another contest. This time it was Verona´s arena roof contest.

For these contest I was left fully in charge of the proposal, having to cordinate the work of 4 different architects an being resposable for the documentation presented, which once again included explanatory diagrams, 3d models, CAD drawings and the final layout of the proposal.

May 2016 - Sep 2016

MTM arquitectos, Madrid, ES, Architect

MTM Arquitectos

MTM Architects was conceived as a platform for the practical development of theoretical knowledge and research along with their components developed in academic training and participation in events such as conferences, meetings and workshops.

I was invited to do an internship in this studio, due to my positive performance in the studio I had stayed longer than intended and i was ofered a job position which I had to reject in order to focus on my final project.

During my internship in this studio i organized and digitalized all the documentation produced since 1993 and had the chance to participate in two different architectural contests.
Transformazioni e nuove funzioni urbane nel quartiere flaminio & Living Units For Torrejón.

In both cases I was involved from the begining in the project proposal, being part of the development of the architectural concept and idea and being responsable for the documentation presented.
For these two contests I drew and made 3D models, CAD drawings and ended up making the postproduction of the documentation presented, using programs such as photoshop and illustrator among others.

Being my project the first one in the university to be completed in colaboration with other faculties, I was invited by the founder of the studio to present my final project at the 2015 opening ceremony for the European University

Jan 2015 - Mar 2015


Universidad Europea de Madrid, Madrid, ES, Bachelors, Architecture


Sep 2012 - Mar 2016

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, ES, Masters, Master in creativity

Master in creativity and second and third year of architecture.

Jan 2007 - Jun 2011

SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, First year of architecture

First year of architecture

Sep 2006 - Jun 2007


Schindler 2015/2016 Local contest, 1st Place

Schindler Spain celebrating its national architectural awards, which rewards quality, innovation, originality or creativity of students of architecture, valuing mobility solutions, accessibility and use of vertical, horizontal elements of transportation inclined in their projects.
The Schindler Spain Awards are held every two years and aims to change the way young architects approach their work, challenging them to think beyond form, light and materials and to focus on the needs of people who inhabit the structures and spaces they design. Participants in this event will be architecture students whose projects are winners of Local Schindler Awards.


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