Joshua Atria

Joshua Atria

Clemson, SC, US


Dalen's Duckling

Conepy [Dalen’s Duckling] is a light sculpture designed within the Digital Manufacturing Processes course with Professor Doug Hecker during the Fall 2012 semester. The goal of the project was to recycle a by-product of industry into a light fixture using digital manufacturing processes. The product chosen for this exercise was a textile cone, sourced from a local textile mill in Greenville, SC. The sculpture therefore begins a dialogue about light and shadow within the simple form of a cone, as well as the opportunities that can exist in recycling industrial waste.

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Status: Built
Location: ReGallery // Dallas, TX, US
My Role: The entire project was worked on collaboratively from the conceptual design phase through construction.
Additional Credits: Nick Barret, Vanessa Ewais + Ryan Woods