Joshua Atria

Joshua Atria

Clemson, SC, US


CBBS // Clemson University College of Business + Behavioral Science

The college of business + behavioral science has outgrown their current facilities and has elected to build a new facility The new building will be located on the last developable land on the core campus.

The University expressed the desire for the project to have both a global and local presence and collaborate between a multitude of academic disciplines.

Capitalizing on the natural topographic changes the building transitions from a from a typical campus scale, to an impressive global scale at the boundary between campus and community.

The building program, views and entrances are formally and informally organized along a grand hall. This hall, termed the collaborative spine, houses all of the communal programming and serves as a multi-use space for circulation, informal learning, gathering and collaboration.  The grand hall extends outside inviting the energy of the precinct into the daily life of the  facility. The new facility will allow Clemson to compete globally with other top business schools while remaining n rooted in the culture and context of Clemson’s campus. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Clemson, SC, US
Additional Credits: Professor // Dr. Peter Laurence