Jonathan Golli, AIA, NCARB

Jonathan Golli, AIA, NCARB

Cleveland, OH, US


Keystone Shooting Center

The Keystone Shooting Center is a unique luxury shooting destination located just outside of the City of Pittsburgh, PA. The center departs from conventional gun range precedents, and creates an inclusive experience that appeals to a wider demographic of users. The exterior façade features a dramatic shed “lantern” roof that is framed with timber trusses and articulated with architectural lighting and a warm color palette. The overall effect is a rustic modern building that is welcoming to any passers-by.

The shooting center offers a tailored shooting experience to 300+ private members. Members, as well as non-members, can learn the fun and excitement of the shooting sport with the comfort and amenities of a country club. The retail store, indoor shooting range, and various amenities create a perfect environment to fully immerse oneself in the firearm sports. The club members have access to top-quality ranges with cutting-edge technology, simulators, and instructional classrooms that make learning the sport easier, safer and more fun. The gun range features 3 separate shooting bays (1 tactical bay and 2 target bays) each with 8 shooting lanes for a total of 24 lanes. In addition to offering a 4,000 square feet of retail experience and a shooting area there are also classroom spaces to teach proper gun safety and etiquette to individuals who are new to owning a gun.

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Status: Built
Location: Marshall Township, Pittsburgh, PA
My Role: Project Manager