JC Architecture

JC Architecture

Taipei, TW


URBN Hotel

URBN is an eco-friendly boutique hotel in Shanghai which practices sustainability through design and operations. It uses recycled and locally sourced materials to convert a factory warehouse and is also the first carbon neutral hotel in China.

In this project, we transformed the original, discreet and overlooked hotel entrance into a boundless space. We replaced the heavy gate by lifting up a minimalist mirrored ball that reflects the world to create a dialogue and interaction between people and the surroundings. This creates a strong connection between the space and community as it encourages people to appreciate their living environment. 

By extending the concept of sustainability as the core of URBN hotel, we focused on the impact of human emotion and sensibility to sustain the environment.  It is no longer just a division, instead, it is a public art work that aims to bend solidity and reframe how we experience the world.

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN