Joaquin Tobar Martinez

Joaquin Tobar Martinez

New York, NY, US


La Rama Library

The books come from different parts of the world, making it a place for exchange and ongoing distribution of printed information. Books can be borrowed with the uncertainty of being returned to its original place. "The library does not have a defined entrance nor exit" and becomes a public closet that sits behind a police station or "recinto" and a gated kindergarten


Joaquin Tobar

Miguel Ari

Lu Lu

Gino Orlando

Marlene Borja

Marielos Villegas

Fatima Tobar


Davis Projects for Peace

Special thanks to all donors from CA, NV, WA, NY, SLV

In partnership with Alcaldía de Puerto La Libertad and Biblioteca "Florentino Idoate SJ" - UCA

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Status: Built
Location: Puerto de La Libertad
My Role: Project Architect