Joan Olivero

Joan Olivero

Providence, RI, US



Originally from La Romana, Dominican Republic and then moving to the Bronx, NY at the age of three, I was fascinated with all of the skyscrapers that lined the New York City skyline. This was probably the first stepping stone towards my decision in pursuing an architectural career. It's kind of a funny story, but I knew my career path was "set in stone" at the age of five; around this time I was a huge fan of "The Brady Bunch." If anybody recollects, Michael (the father), was an architect. I would see him in occasional episodes drafting on his drafting table in his office, dressed professionally, and carrying himself well; not to mention he had the perfect family and house. So, pretty much I idolized this character and used him for my motivation throughout life and school. I was hoping to one day be that man designing buildings and houses, and hopefully leave a legacy behind (though, he did it as an actor in a show). That being said, my friends have always said I would make a great actor and maybe one day I will pursue that, but my tenacity is architecture.

Eventually, I moved to Rhode Island and noticed the differences in architecture. I also took art classes for electives and was constantly drawing. Around my preteen and teenage years, I was producing two to three drawings a day -- usually of anime characters, Dragon Ball Z to be specific -- but I would make it a point to at least draw three houses a month. I was also a huge fan of writing and would, occasionally, write poems or short plays.

I decided to attend Norwich University, a private military college in Northfield, VT, and major in their BS Architectural Studies degree. I'm not going to lie, the whole curriculum was tough but I loved the challenge. It got tougher between my sophomore and junior year, due to family and financial related issues (this led to having to get paying jobs as opposed to internships that could help my experiences). The stress was too overwhelming and I considered leaving school for a while, but I stuck it out and graduated May 2012. I also obtained an art and English minor to supplement my degree. I intended to return for the M.Arch program but the financial issues were still present. I do intend to eventually return to school and receive my M.Arch, but employment is what I am mostly after today.

Presently, I am residing between my home in Providence, RI and my aunt’s apartment in Bronx, NY, where I am hoping to find employment; I want to move back to the big city and see if I can redraw from my childhood inspiration. I have been reading AutoCAD text books and practicing my CAD abilities trying to hone my proficiency. I am also working on personal projects, as to not lose touch with my design ability. I work on Revit and SketchUp mostly, and use CAD to clean up drawings. I am also trying to learn 3ds Max and HTML. On occasion, I tutor students; mostly in Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

If there is anything you should take from my rambling is that I am an ambitious, productive, helpful, motivated and creative person. I am willing to learn and don't just settle; I am always trying to better myself and help those around me. Due to my lack of experience in the industry work has been hard to find, but I am hopeful and believe that one day somebody will realize my skills will far outweigh their expectations and forgive my lack of relevant experience. Like a great man once said "all I need is one shot, or one opportunity..." (Can you guess who it is?).



WyzAnt Tutoring/Self-Employed, New York, NY, US, Freelance Tutor

• Prepare lesson plans to help clients understand the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,
and InDesign.
• Help clients improve their design and presentation abilities.
• Recognized as patient, knowledgeable, and resourceful, in featured testimonials.

Nov 2012 - current

Wal-mart Stores, Inc., Berlin, VT, US, Customer Service Representative/Cashier

• Assisted with new employee training including store policies, services, financing options and register
• Managed client product returns, exchanges, and concerns.
• Answered telephone inquiries regarding store services and merchandise information.
• Recognized for resourcefulness, accuracy, high IPH, and positive attitude; leading to job promotion

Jun 2011 - Apr 2012


Norwich University, Northfield, VT, US, Bachelors, Architectural Studies

Minors: English, Art

Aug 2007 - May 2012


Norwich Chameleon - "Domerican Flag: Me vs. Me", 1st Place

- Outstanding recognition for Art. Voted by the students for annual school publication.
- Based on the on going battles of self-identity, especially, in that of an immigrant.


Shelburne, VT Town Planning Committee Presentation, Other

Chosen, by the public, in the top five to present "Re-Imagining Shelburne Road - 4our Districts," in front of the Shelburne, VT Planning Committee. It was also televised on Vermont Public Television and put o youtube (audio is not synced).


Best of Show, 1st Place

Out of twelve students in a topical studio "NU Architecture Hall" was chosen. This award means that it was also used for NAAB accreditation.


Areas of Specialization